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UV printing is one of the cutting-edge technologies of digital printing. The ink is hardened with UV light. We work on the OC Arizona 460GT plotter by Canon, which enables for high quality printouts on flat surfaces even of irregular shapes. The machine prints directly on the final surface without carriers such as self-adhesive foils.

Among the undoubted advantages of the UV print are:

  • Wide range of materials which can be used for printing e.g.: PVC, plexiglass, glass, wood, metal, cardboard, foil and others;
  • Short production time – print-outs do not require drying and immediately after printing can be further processed, cut and packed.
  • Possibility to print with white paint
  • The UV print is four time more resistant to external conditions than solvent printing
  • Minimal batch starting from 1 piece

Examples of UV printing applications:

Outdoor and indoor branding

Advertising boards, double-sided displays, printouts on wood, glass or metal.

POS, POP materials

Advertisements in sales networks, display graphics, shop decorations, stands, dispensers, product presenters, personalized packaging made of plastic.

Commercial graphics

With outstanding details, sharpness and smooth colour transitions. Special effects can be created thanks to printing high quality pictures directly on transparent carriers.

Printing with black and white stain on the reverse side of transparent acrylic panels in order to obtain photorealistic pictures.

Interior design

Individual, personalised decoration projects such as graphic on doors, floor panels, glass, furniture fronts, radiators, creating impression of stained-glass, cement panels, stoneware, tiles.

Other special applications

Watch and meter faces printed directly on powder coated aluminium, stamps, touch screen membranes, ATM boxes with anti-graffiti finish.

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